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Standard Light Source Laboratory

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Standard Light Source Laboratory

Standard Light Source Laboratory
Standard Light Source Laboratory

Standard Light Source Laboratory




                                                                 Standard Light Source Laboratory, Detection and Certificate Issuance


Laboratory Certification Mark


3nh standard light source laboratory is committed to uniform standards, strict checks, controlling cost and providing technical service, detection and certificate issuance (no direct sales of products).

·  N5, N7 gray environmental testing; step color detection, color temperature, illumination and color rendering index of tube and lamp detection, illumination uniformity detection.

·  Security detection, compatibility detection

·  Technical proposal, cost solution, control panel (contains illumination control function), specify standard tubes, recommend standard tubes.

·  Issue a testing report, symbol certification and management of issuing certificate (The product with 3nhLighting mark will still retain the manufacturer or the customer’s trademark).


Detailed Introduction of 3nh Standard Light Source Laboratory

Laboratory Equipment

Description: laboratory equipment will still use original factory standards within one year. For more than a year, all equipments will be inspected by national or international designated testing organizations, and obtain the test certificate which can be used within the validity period.


Product Model

Models of Standard Light Box with 3nhLighting certification are as follows:



Description: N5, N7 in bit 1 and 2 stand for Munsell N5, N7 standard gray environment. 06, 12 in bit 3 and 4 mean the tube length is 0.6m, 1.2m. -5, -6 in bit 5 and 6 stand for the number of light sources.


Price Guidance

The product with 3nhLighting certification mark have enforced strict cost management. All accessories are authentic and with international standard security certificate. If the product has to adopt the imported materials, it must strictly use imported materials. If the domestic high-quality material can meet or exceed the imported material, do not use the imported material, so that the quality and cost can be best controlled.

The product with 3nhLighting certification mark is real genuine, and its sold in actual price. For example, N506-5 material and processing cost are about RMB2000. The price is required not more than 3000 Yuan (including freight, taxes and service charges). The products with 3nhLighting certification mark are without cheat, fraud or seeking huge profits. Also, poor-quality low-priced products are not allowed to come into the market (Because these products are not manufactured by formal manufacturers. And it will also waste too much bargaining time in the trading.)




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